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Bon Accord Community School serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 4 under the philosophy of “Everyone a Teacher, Everyone a Learner.” Staff work together to create an ideal learning environment that promotes positivity, collaboration and leadership.


Kessia Brenneis

Vice Principal: Jerome Chabot


Cindy Briggs


Charlene Uchacz


Everyone a Learner; Everyone a Leader


We are a safe, nurturing school community that models leadership, inspires a love a learning and embraces uniqueness.


Lifelong learners,
Lifelong leaders,
Strengthening our community


As a community school we believe:

  • That each child is a unique individual with different needs and strengths
  • That parents, the school and the community should work together to provide the best possible program for our children
  • That education is a life-long process involving all dimensions of development: intellectual, physical and emotional

Facts and Figures

2019 AERR Overall Summary

We bolster a well-rounded academic program with extracurricular options like a strong music program, coding club and a variety of athletic opportunities. Our teachers engage students in our early childhood programs with the innovative Reggio-Emilia inspired approach to learning.

We have a strong connection to our community and outdoor spaces and appreciate the large role both play in our school. Our town is a place to extend the curriculum, with kindergarten students visiting the fire department and post office, and Grade 1 classes learning community studies. Many parents volunteer with hot lunch programs, the library and classrooms.

The community also supports the school. Parents volunteer to run hot lunch programs and work in the library and classrooms. Likewise, the school is a hub of activity for the community and hosts many evening programs like 4H and information nights.

Bon Accord Community School works closely with Lilian Schick School to ensure its students have a smooth transition to Grade 5.

Our Mandate

A community school is consciously oriented to the students and community it serves. There is a commitment to use the education process for both individual and community betterment. 

Our Community School Mandate is to:

  • Enhance education through community related curriculum
  • Involve parents in program and decision-making
  • Function in a democratic collegial manner
  • Promote learning through “everyone a leader”
  • Promote learning through “everyone a learner”
  • Liaise and cooperate with community agencies to promote services for the school and community
  • Adapt the school facility for school and community use and involvement
  • Extend school use to community, educational, recreational, cultural and social uses
  • Study problems and issues in the school and community
  • Foster a sense of community and caring